Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I *do* make weird food.

Well, here I am starting yet another attempt at blogging. This time, however, it will be a subject near and dear to my heart as opposed to rambling whines about my life (what? the two are different things, I swear):


I should let it be known now that "mang" is a Newfoundland term for a weird food mixture, or at least it is when my mother refers to what I'm cooking at the time.

I make food in as lazy a way as possible; the less chopping, prep, or washing up there is, the better. This leads to a lot of cooking in the microwave, based on the cunning realisation that there is no pot to wash if you make your food directly in the bowl.

Any food purist or gourmand has fainted by now. What can I say? I eat and like food from Tim Hortons, Pizza Pizza and sometimes even McDonalds. If I didn't enjoy crappy food, which is what most of my life consists of, then my existence would be joyless. Also I wouldn't be such a tub.

I'm moving into residence in the fall, where I'll have a kitchenette with microwave and bring along my toaster oven and rice cooker. Also aiming for a food processor (told you I hate food prep) and slow cooker. Am taking this chance to experiment before I'm bogged down with school once more.

If it helps anyone's nausea, I did work at a caf part-time for a few years, so I do know food safety rules and try to follow them (this made it very hard to find food to eat in Taiwanese street markets). I'll probably do a post on it at some point.

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