Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chili Ranch Toast & Ice Cream with Papaya

I stumbled upon this scrumptious-looking appetiser the other day and had no choice but to ruin it for my own purposes:

Chili Ranch Toast

I bear an unholy love for mixing ranch and anything flavoured with chili powder, so the pot of chili heating on the stove was on my radar right away.


This is what my own version, Chili Ranch Toast, consisted of:
butter, bread, ranch dressing, cheddar, chili from a can

1. Melt 1t butter and spread it onto bread (I used the ends, no other way to salvage those as delicious).
2. Toast the bread until crunchy.
3. Add 1T ranch dressing and spread onto bread.
4. Grate cheddar on top until bread is covered.
5. Bake in oven for 350F for 5-10 minutes (my sis was waiting to do nachos in the toaster oven, so one of my slices didn't get much time; the longer the better).
6. Drain chili (with a spoon) and layer it on top of the toast.

The ranch does a great job of keeping the chili and bread apart, which makes things less messy. As you can see by the pic, it wasn't as drippy as one might expect.

Improvements for next time: use actual baguette; less ranch, more cheese; addition of parsley (as in recipe) and 1t chili powder; add tomato/avocado/guacamole under the topping; cook for longer, possibly broil for a bit.

Otherwise, it made a great meal/snack. The second opinion, from my sis, was favourable. We'll probably do it again sometime.

I put avocado on the grocery list last week, so I was a little surprised when Dad came back with this green American-football-sized thing that he kept comparing to a papaya. Long story short, turns out that's what it actually was. I think the grocery store had their labels somewhat mispositioned.

Never a family to turn down our tropical fruits - not after so many years living where they were plentiful - we chopped it up and have been eating it. Tonight I mixed papaya with french vanilla ice cream over top. After a week of sitting on the counter, the papaya was fairly soft; getting it and the ice cream in the food processor/blender for a short whirl would yield some pretty delightful papaya ice cream, I think.

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