Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guacamole with Naan

Why would I mix those two, you say? Well... they were there. And they were delicious together.

A trip to Costco meant that I finally got my avocados. Yay! Apparently, this year is a bumper crop. I got my hankering for them after I went to a Latina friend's birthday party and her mum served little ones. I don't know much about avocados, but the ones we got were practically twice the size (huge!) and not as flavourful. Will have to investigate. I find that smaller varieties of fruits are tastier than the larger ones; berries are the most marked example.

Maybe it's the Asian in me, but I don't feel like enough people talk about prices online. Personally, I was surprised to find out that a bag of 5 avocados (Peruvian) was $ 5.49 (Canadian). I guess I expect veggies to be cheaper than $1.10 per. I'm finding, though, that I have expensive taste in vegetables. I knew a chef who didn't eat meat because her buying priorities leaned more to things like portobello mushrooms (she made burgers with them, it was awesome); I think I may follow her lead on that one. So many vegetables, so little time, y'know?

When I checked avocado prices online (mostly American, which doesn't help much because their stuff is so much cheaper), it didn't seem like we'd gotten a bad deal. There were all the crowers getting them for 50c, but prices went as high as USD 2 - 2.50, so I'm grateful for the price we got. Especially since it led me to this recipe for roast avocado and couscous salad. Vegetarian and delicious! I'm hoping my sis 'll be my partner-in-crime on that one, though I'm not sure how she feels about couscous.

Tonight, my sis aided and abetted in the making of guacamole. Only 3 avocados left now. The links above have so many recipes that we're going to run out quickly!

Easiest Guacamole Ever
2 avocados, 3 4T fresh salsa, 1T lime juice (or juice of 1/2 lime)

1. Halve the avocados, dig out the pits, halve the halfs, and peel the skin away from the flesh (may not be possible depending on the cultivar of avocado).
2. Mash it!
3. Mix in the salsa and lime juice.

Everything was so much easier than I expected, the cutting and the peeling especially. Avocados are the best! They even put a halt to my trials with our ridiculously-acidic pico de gallo; turns out it mixes perfectly with avocado, and it added to the flavour of the guacamole.

Once we had the whole thing, we heated up a piece of naan bread (again, Costco is to thank) and tore off pieces and spooned guacamole on top. I think I like using naan even better than tortilla chips; my sis took the rest of the bowl with her when we finished the naan, LOL, and ate it by the spoon for a while, then remembered the tortilla chips and ate it with those. But there's something about the thick chewiness of naan that made it incredibly satisfying to eat with fresh guacamole, especially since one was hot and one was cold.

That much guacamole costs between $5-8, from what I've seen (which isn't much). Our was 2x$1.10 avocadoes, $1 worth of salsa, and maybe $0.20 of lime juice, so $3.40. Budget win!

Just checked the nutritional data for 1 avocado. Oh crap. Should not have let the sis abscond with that much of it. On the bright side, it's probably the best way to get 45% of your daily fat intake at once? No wonder it costs a dollar each.

I'll have to save it for any days all I'm eating is rice and veggies (hey, it happens). I'll figure something out to work it into my diet because damn it is too fantastic to give up!

So yeah, second opinion, from my sister, was favourable. My parents didn't like avocado, so they wouldn't even try the guacamole.

There's a 4-pack of red peppers that's been in the fridge for a week that I think my dad's counting on me to use up, so I'm planning on cooking them tomorrow. I'm thinking 2 as roasted red peppers to stuff in the other ones (cannibals!), maybe with avocado. I have tomato paste and brown rice that I can fill them with, too. We'll see how that turns out.

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