Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lemon Mujadara in the Rice Cooker

If I'm wrong for adding lemon juice to my mujadara (pilaf-like rice + lentils + caramelised onion), I don't want to be right.

Recipe, while I'm still eating it before I forget:

Rice Cooker Mujadara

1c uncooked rice (technically, I just used a small cup because my measuring cup was in the sink already. Proper volume to be calculated some other time)
1c lentils (~1/2 can)
2 caramelised onions, sliced (I just sawed at them with my rice scoop)
1/4c liquid from caramelising onion
1c water
1t cumin seeds (I don't have ground)
1/4t cinnamon
[1-2T lemon juice]

Wash rice, add ingredients together in rice cooker and cook. The cooker may not manually turn off because of the oil involved, so keep an eye on it.

I actually added the lemon to my second serving, squeezing until I decided it was enough, along with salt, pepper, and ungodly amounts of parsley and chili flakes to taste. Considered adding raisins instead. Maybe for lunch tomorrow. But man, I could eat this all night.

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