Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grocery Shopping in the Final Stretch: Stockpile Marathon

I've used up the sausages languishing in my fridge, made dinner with double leftovers, not died from possible sausage issues, and applied to a job posting expiring at 11:59pm.

I am now free to blog.

Never mind the vital assignment details that may be lurking under one of the many piles of papers keeping me from enjoying my large L-shaped desk. I'm kicking back and relaxing on the bed, though it requires avoiding one of the aforementioned piles of paper. The best thing about switching to a double bed from a twin was how much more space I got to put stuff on.

To move to less shameful aspects of my housekeeping - I'm starting to work on reducing my pantry before I have to move out of residence at the end of April. Naturally, this endeavour started with buying $80 worth of groceries to cover the month.


I bought lots of veggies and canned tuna (regular and flavoured!), some juice, canned tomatoes, applesauce, bread, beans, chicken, tofu, broth, 2 cheeses, cottage cheese, Campbell's, a yoghurt drink  that I ended up giving to the homeless man outside... okay you got me I have no idea how the grocery bill got that high either. There wasn't much more to the groceries, not that I can remember. I did restrain myself from buying the $6 ginger ice cream, difficult as that was.

The reason for this consumer madness is that my dad has gone to Malaysia until the week I move out (you better believe I asked for awesome Asian dry goods to be brought back). So, when my boyfriend came to visit, I wanted to get my month's grocery shopping in all at once so I wouldn't have to shop without car access. Having gone 3 weeks without grocery shopping before, I knew I'd be able to go for one last stretch if I could just get a good trip in now.

I don't usually intend to go for more than two weeks without groceries, so arming myself with foreknowledge helped me be more conscious in my buying, I think. Plenty of fresh fruits & veggies to last the first two weeks, then cupboard ones, dried, frozen and tinned for after. I can get milk at the gas station once I run out.

Between my tendencies to hoard and experiment, however, I have a pantry (ok, a microwave cart) with a fair amount of food already. Now that I'm into the end of school, I'm going to be cooking more to procrastinatedistract myself or get a break from studying; Scraping the bottom of the barrel should be interesting to blog about, provided I am motivated enough to go that extra step.

At any rate, I may have to start waking up early enough to eat a proper breakfast rather than grabbing a cereal bar or two on the very late way out the door. Not that my cereal bar stockpile doesn't need extreme culling as well... my mum gives me a box every time she sees me (and now I've actually asked for another! Why? Why did I do that?).

If all else fails, I guess I'll be throwing a dinner party in the study lounge after all. The real question is how I will use up tuna, crackers, beans, extreme amounts of cheese, my crazy sauces, and weird random stuff in cans.

It's starting to sound exciting already.

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