Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Living Without a Full Kitchen is Not That Hard

It's interesting seeing the kind of perspective that people have when it comes to what is enough. Whenever I read discussions/articles about housing, people seem to consider anything under 1,000 sq ft (~93 sq m, for anyone using that system) small. Why is that? It's perfectly enough space for a family.

I've spent at least half my life in spaces that size or smaller, and there were 4 of us. I even sometimes had to SHARE A ROOM, although I guess that's nothing compared to when I had to sleep in my sister's closet (it fit a mattress) for months after the basement flooded. When I went to visit my relatives in Malaysia, we ended up having 10 of us (1 was a baby) staying in a 2-bedroom apartment that was smaller than 1,000 sq ft.

I guess this perspective must be a Western thing.

Anyway, this comes up because I've started investigating the rental market; both my boyfriend and I will be moving within the next few months, hopefully together, so I wanted to see what was out there. Until I know where my job is going to be, I can't look for real yet, unfortunately, but I did want to be prepared. It's a lot less fun searching for a job than for a hypothetical apartment, and results thus far have proved just as successful.

Anyway, at one point, in a penny-pinching fit of desperation, I searched for phrases like "without a kitchen", "kitchenless", and "no kitchen". Surprisingly, there weren't many options, but it did lead to an interesting moment of introspection because I had expected that living without a full kitchen - or, you know, anything without a range with burners/oven - would be a transitory state that I would emerge from like some sort of beautiful butterfly or grumpy moth.

Come to think of it, my mum was the only person I knew who had an oven in Asia. Granted, I was hardly an age to discuss ovens with my peers (Spice Girls, Tamagotchi or the pattern on our face masks - we had a lot of smog incidents at the time - were more the topics du jour. I never did get my Tamagotchi, so life still feels complete. The trial Tamagotchi app I downloaded on the iPod touch my parents eventually got me after university just didn't feel the same, despite the iPod being way more awesome.).

So, I didn't think I would want to continue my demikitchened state, but I've never had a hard time preparing food. I mean, there was the time that the chocolate cake started to smoke when I tried to finish it off in the toaster oven, but I don't like chocolate much any (it was for a potluck). When you have a microwave, kettle, toaster oven, slow cooker and rice cooker, food is never an issue as you are both well-equipped and clearly a food freak in the worst way possible. With creative storage on a cart or on the fridge, they all only took up around one sq ft of the footprint of the floor, anyway.

I guess I'll do a full post later on, when I move out (oh sad day!) at the end of the school year (oh terrifying and unknown day!) to go over *how* I actually go about making stuff. By then, the kitchen willl finally be clean enough to take a picture of... right?

Just trying to hold off on all the things I need to get done before I can party with a free conscience on ST PADDY'S DAY at this point, haha.

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