Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Loving Spoonful of Peanut Sauce

I don't know why I always get so intimidated to post. The reason I do it is to ascribe a method to my madness that I can refer to later when I want to duplicate results.

I have some takeout kway teow (flat rice noodles) with beef here and thought it needed some jazzing up, so I came back to my Malaysian roots and wanted PEANUT SAUCE.

Somehow it didn't end up being as vegetarian as one might think... but it did end up being DELICIOUS.

It's hard to find micro-recipes for just that one or two spoonfuls necessary to coat a bowlful of noodles. I ended up looking up a few and putting in ingredients I liked the sound of using a fork. I used my many delightful memories of eating satay to decide how well the actual taste ended up.

Peanut Sauce
2-3T peanut butter (used crunchy)
2t minced ginger (don't know exactly how much, but every time I sampled it, it cried out for more)
1/2t soy sauce
1/2t rice vinegar
1/2t sambal ikan bilis
dribble of lime juice
sea salt to taste

Combine ingredients in bowl, microwave for about 15-20s (until peanut butter is melted), ignoring sizzling sound, and stir.

Sambal ikan bilis is a Malaysian chili paste with dried anchovies and what is keeping the sauce from being fully vegetarian. It is my new favourite addition to everything; I didn't even notice my garlic butter had gone missing again until last night. I feel it in my eyes and nasal passages right now (my relatives would laugh) and it makes me feel alive!

Other recent projects include microwave 10-minute stew (almost daily, when I have veggies), microwave/blender squash soup, slow-cooker soup mix, rice-cooker beans, overnight oatmeal, microwave refried beans, ice cream from frozen bananas, black bean salad. and... I forget. Many eggy delights to come, though; I have almost a full carton and it's expiring in a week. There's always Pancake Tuesday... never made pancakes before.

Also, my recent set of groceries was milk, bread, juice boxes, and vegetables. I love when I manage to keep it unprocessed, small, and relatively cheap. Naturally, the next time I go, I need a whole whack of other stuff, especially after my bean-making day yesterday. But those in-between weeks of virtuous thriftiness are always nice.

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