Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grocery Shopping without a Fridge

This week, I moved to the faraway province of Alberta to live in a little town on the prairie (a subject that only Laura Ingalls Wilder had prepared me for). Things are going well so far; I was invited to a barbecue yesterday and met a number of extremely nice people already, and this is only my second day in town.

At the moment, I'm staying in the residence of the local college because you really can't get a better deal than $20/day. However, this has left me without a fridge, microwave, or regular cooking utensil, although I did bring my slow cooker and immersion blender. I thought I could get right into slow cooking once I got here, but it's such a process and there's only the bathroom sink for washing up, so no.

Since my only transportation is a bike (that was today's main quest), the next best thing I could get for an appliance was a kettle. Which may make you think, "What could you possibly make with that?" Oatmeal, coffee, instant noodles and couscous are what I got for that purpose. In addition, I got a few veggies, salsa, tinned fish, and things in microwave packages for lunch at my new work (I am assuming they have a microwave...).

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